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at a Fraction of the Cost

Improve cash flow, generate new revenue streams and maximize returns on equipment without the high initial investment required with other IoT automation solutions.  No other system offers a more comprehensive Controls-to-Cloud solution.  IoTA Controls™ can save equipment manufacturers literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over competitive offerings.

IoTA Controls automation solution:

  • Has the lowest upfront cost of any industrial IoT controls solution making it ideal for OEM equipment integration

  • Accepts a wider array of raw input signals, so an abundance of low-cost sensors can be integrated for hundreds less than most competing systems where costly conditioned signals are required

  • Has the highest density and lowest cost per I/O of any controller in its class

  • Offers extensive communications flexibility, including TCP/IP, WiFi, serial, mesh, cellular, powerline carrier and server connectivity options

  • Uses highly-efficient, compact, secure protocols for inter-controller and cloud server communications

  • Has a cloud-based, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) that is cross-platform compatible and does not require any special local software, only a browser

  • Offers powerful data analytics integration with Google Sheets and other AI and Big Data Analytics engines from companies like Google™, Amazon™, Microsoft™ and IBM™

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without limits

Big Data for

Small Business



Shopping for a

Controls Solution

Cost-effective controls solutions that support unlimited growth as needs change

What big data means to small business and how it can effect profitability, quality & reliability

Custom and OEM control solutions for equipment manufacturers, franchises and multi-unit businesses

Understand the minimum requirements of a modern industrial IoT controls system before buying


IoTA Controls™ comprehensive, feature-rich solution of automation, data acquisition and big data analytics hardware and software tools enable manufacturers to compete like industry giants irrespective of their size while supporting unlimited growth.

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Who is IoTA Controls?

IoTA stands for Internet of Things Automation, and that that’s what they do best.  IoTA Controls™ founders and core development team are the same people that designed, patented and manufactured the first central-server based control system hosted in the cloud. They also designed, patented and manufactured the first control system allowing equipment to communicate directly to the cloud without the requirement of a local server.  In effect, the “Internet of Things” before the term was coined. 

Who needs IoTA Controls?

It has become increasingly clear that manufacturers that aren’t adapting to IoT automation and big data analytic technologies will struggle to compete in the coming decade.  Unfortunately, these systems typically require significant upfront costs and IT resources beyond the reach of many businesses.  Industrial automation systems are historically expensive and complicated.  For a big company, like Anheuser-Busch, that’s not a stumbling block, but for a smaller company with big ambitions, like a microbrewery, they may be on the sidelines until their growth can sustain the necessary infrastructure.  That’s a problem, since they’re literally competing with every business in their industry that can afford it.  IoTA Controls levels the playing field while providing unique advantages unavailable from any other manufacturer.

Why do I need IoTA Controls?

It requires a sophisticated automation solution to take advantage of advances in predictive maintenance, machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence.  Very few systems at any price are capable of aggregating data from numerous sites and sources and presenting it in a format that can be easily scrutinized by big data analytic engines from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM.  A manufacturer using IoTA Controls has a huge advantage in that can easily find statistical correlations in collected data.  In our microbrewery example, IoTA Controls can track and optimize processes from barley to bar, including parameters such as temperature, time, pH levels, gravity readings, raw ingredients, flavor profiles and sales data.  IoTA will optimize manufacturing processes, dramatically increase profits and help ensure the success of future products.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

IoTA Controls offers the most advanced, yet cost-effective means of control, monitoring, data collection and analysis. One example of using predictive analysis and machine learning is to improve the safety, performance and reliability of deployed equipment by optimizing service intervals based on data, rather than time schedules.  Imagine monitoring HVAC coefficients of performance on parameters like undercharged, overcharged or leaking refrigerant lines.  When you consider that most air-conditioning systems are incorrectly charged, and that a 23% undercharge can result in a 52% efficiency loss, it’s easy to see where IoTA Controls could save literally billions of dollars in energy annually, as well as, making massive reductions in harmful HFCs, HCFCs and carbon emissions if widely deployed.  Microsoft currently employs similar technology in the aerospace industry which has led to millions in savings for the airline industry.  However, their solution is far too expensive and complicated for smaller machines, like HVAC units, where IoTA Controls excels.

Big Data


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Although perfectly suited for even the largest of businesses, IoTA Controls™ cost-effective automation solutions are the clear choice for smaller businesses looking to take advantage of present and emerging technologies in big data analytics.

Engineering – Use IoTA data analytics to identify component failure, improve equipment lifespans, and optimize designs by identifying under-engineering deficiencies or costly, unnecessary over-engineering.  

Example: Optimizing heat exchanger design on chillers, based on data analysis of identical systems deployed around the world.

Compliance – Use IoTA monitoring and data logging to help ensure adherence to standards or regulations, improving quality and minimizing liability risks.  

Example:  HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) monitoring of food preparation and refrigeration systems.

Operational Efficiency – Use IoTA reporting to identify production delays and minimize downtime between stages, response time or even automate features that don’t require human interaction.

Example:  Employee notification response reporting on PH level testing.

Energy Efficiency – Use IoTA algorithmic logic to minimize energy consumption, power requirements or optimize peak demand schedules for monetary savings and environmental friendliness.

Example: Staging and orchestrating the power up sequence of equipment at a facility.

Quality Control – Use IoTA Controls to improve precision thereby creating more consistent, predictable and repeatable results.  

Example: Fermentation stage control of brewing processes based on XML recipes.

System Health – Use IoTA sensors to continually monitor the health of equipment to ensure system performance is not dropping off.

Example: Continual monitoring of the COP (Coefficient of Performance) on an HVAC system.

Business Decisions – Use IoTA reporting and analytic tools to help bridge the IT/OT gap helping businesses make better decisions.

Example: Production analysis of raw materials to finished product, improving just-in-time inventory of perishable goods.

OEM Solutions


IoTA Controls™ automation solutions provide opportunities throughout the entire life and sales cycle of the equipment.  Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you every step of the way.

Manufacturing IntegrationControls are integrated during the manufacturing process.  

Example: A soft serve frozen yogurt equipment manufacturer replaces standard local controls with IoTA Controls solutions at the factory.

Factory Tune & CalibrateEquipment is factory tuned to baseline specification based on data collected from deployed equipment.  

Example: Equipment settings are optimized based on data collected from deployed systems in frozen yogurt stores around the globe.

Baseline & Field Commission – Equipment is optimized based on real world conditions.  

Example: Equipment is fine-tuned based on environmental and operational data at the deployed location, which may include ambient temperature or utility demand billing.

Log Parameters to the Cloud – Data is collected and sent to the cloud for analytics.  

Example: Thousands of data parameters are collected such as temperature, level, consumption rates, flavor popularity, downtime, cleaning intervals, etc.

Machine Learning, Anomaly Detection & Analytics – Data is structured for easy analysis using analytic tools from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM or others.  

Example: Google Web Services & Analytics identify trends and opportunities which reduced wasted product and helped identify seasonal flavor success.

SCADA & Alarming – The system is remotely monitored and controlled using IoTA SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Software.  

Example: Franchise owners can view the status of their equipment from anywhere in the world and staff is alerted of problems before they arise via secure text messaging.

Remote Diagnostics – Predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics optimize service intervals and minimize

Example: Compressor performance issues are automatically identified as a faulty expansion valve. A technician is automatically dispatched with the part on his truck.

Engineering Analysis – Avoid failures caused by under-engineered designs or excessive costs from expensive over-engineering of components based on real-world usage data.  

Example: Manufacturer identifies that the compressor requirements for the deployed equipment is over-sized and is downsized to reduce cost and energy consumption.

Brand Loyalty & Repeat Sales – Know your customer's business and be there for them when their needs change.  

Example: Shared operational data reveals to the manufacturer that one of the franchise locations would justify an additional unit.  The franchisee wouldn't consider another manufacturer based on their current success with this equipment manufacturer.


Analysing the Data

When shopping for a modern industrial IoT control solution, it would be wise to ONLY CONSIDER SYSTEMS THAT MEET THE FOLLOWING MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURES:

  • Provide advanced control of machines that can be easily upgraded remotely (programming and firmware)

  • Peer-to-peer, inter-controller communication using ethernet TCP/IP and Wi-Fi (sub-gigahertz frequency for reliability and range)

  • Simple and intuitive programming tools with real-time debugging capability, accessible from anywhere over the Internet

  • Remote diagnostic software for tuning and troubleshooting deployed systems with graphing features and oscilloscope functions

  • Full-featured HMI (Human Machine Interface) editor capable of creating Android™ or Microsoft Windows™ compatible local user interfaces, that have the same aesthetic and operation as the SCADA browser-based interface, for convenience and consistency between local and remote operation

  • Ability to use a wide range of low-cost, non-proprietary sensors without requiring expensive signal conditioners (e.g. RTDs, Thermistors, 0-10v, 0-20mA, etc.)

  • Cloud-based SCADA solution that includes:

    • Ability to securely access the system from virtually any device with a browser (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) without having to download or install special software or applications

    • Comprehensive data acquisition and database management tools

    • Ability to aggregate multiple controllers to a single interface and/or multiple interfaces to a single controller

    • Administrate user access rights, with the ability to restrict a single user or group down to a single parameter for editing, using or read-only permissions

    • Complete audit trails of user interactions for system security and accountability

    • Custom reporting capability using Google Sheets™ data analytics functions and offering full compatibility with Microsoft Excel™

    • Simple integration with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics engines of industry leading technologies from Google™, Microsoft™, Amazon™, etc.

    • Encrypted alarming and notification with direct feedback and setpoint adjustment capability using mobile devices, without having to access the HMI or SCADA interface directly

    • Dynamic, scalable, high-resolution, multi-screen interface with a large library of components and the ability to easily create fully custom components for no additional charge using standard vector illustration software like Adobe Illustrator™ or Inkscape™ (free)

    • Weather service feature providing relevant environmental data to connected devices

    • Comprehensive event scheduling capability

    • Secure recipe editor capable of storing an unlimited number of preset parameter configurations or batch processes, with import, export and sharing capability restricted to individual authorized users

Only IoTA Controls™ meets or exceeds all of these specifications without the purchase of additional third-party services or add-ons.  When shopping for controls solutions be sure to identify any hidden costs by vendors necessary to meet any of these requirements.

Shopping for a Solution


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