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Cloud-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software & HMI Builder


Intuitive, Drag-N-Drop, Function-Block, Algorithmic Logic Programming


Powerful Remote Diagnostic & Control Software with Real-time Charting& Oscilloscope


SCADA is an industry acronym for "Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition" software. IoTA SCADA is the a superior, cloud-based user interface for monitoring and controlling your equipment from anywhere in the world via computer, tablet or smartphone.  


  • Save tens-of-thousands of dollars on upfront software costs. IoTA's low, subscription-based service can be had for less than what most competitors charge for simple hosting

  • Secure remote access from anywhere in the world via computer, tablet or smartphone

  • No additional software required for access, can be used from any machine with a browser

  • Extensive library of scalable SVG graphics and animated components, such as switches, motors, lights, equipment, etc.

  • Dynamic graphical components can be easily created using vector software, including InkScape™, a powerful, free, open-source program

  • Google Sheets reporting and data analytics output and interfacing

  • User access rights and restrictions can be administrated down to a single function to help prevent unauthorized access or operation of equipment

  • Recipe-based batch processing allows for simple, secure access, storage and sharing

  • Audit trails of user interactions

  • Secure, encrypted text and email based alarming and alerting with text-back feedback for remote confirmation or input

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens can be generated directly from the IoTA SCADA™ editor for powerful, attractive, local control displays using industrial Android devices or tablets.

Contact IoTA Controls™ today to schedule a demonstration.

IoTA Logic

IoTA Logic™


IoTA Logic is the easiest, most powerful automation controller programming software solution available. Simply drag-and-drop function blocks on the the screen and connect them to inputs, outputs and other logic by connecting virtual wires. You don't need to be a programmer, you just need to understand the logic flow of the devices you wish to control. If you need assistance with that, our team of engineering professionals can help design anything from custom blocks to entire projects.



  • Save thousands of dollars compared to competitive systems.  Software is free with your purchase of IoTA controllers.

  • Save hundreds-to-thousands on training and certifications. No special training or certification required to use the software and can be learned in hours

  • No line coding required, instead uses a simple drag-and-drop, IEC 61131-3 compliant, Functional Block Diagram (FBD) programming language

  • Huge, growing library of basic and complex function blocks which can be connected and nested to create complex logic for entire systems, machines, or facilities

  • Realtime debugging and compiling of programming gives instant confirmation of project success

  • Programmers can use C programming if they prefer line coding or want to create custom blocks

  • Realtime graphing of parameters simplifies debugging and allows for more accurate tuning of projects

  • Remotely program controllers deployed anywhere in the world

Contact IoTA Controls™ today to schedule a demonstration.

IoTA InSite

IoTA InSite™


IoTA InSite™ is a powerful diagnostic interface which allows for local or remote control, monitoring, graphing, trending and troubleshooting of IoTA controllers and devices. 


  • IoTA InSite™ is free and included with controller or SCADA subscription so you can save hundreds-to-thousands of dollars on software

  • Remote or local diagnostics can be performed from virtually any PC

  • Can be used to remotely update controller firmware or configure network settings

  • Built in oscilloscope features allow for powerful diagnostics and analysis

  • Realtime graphing capability for tuning or troubleshooting

Contact IoTA Controls™ today to schedule a demonstration.

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