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How did IoTA Controls™ manage to develop a system that is equally or more capable than the industry giants at a fraction of the price?  IoTA’s founders and development team are the same people that designed, patented and manufactured the first central-server based control system hosted in the cloud.  The system is still sold today and those controls can be found in restaurants and businesses around the world including: McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and more. 

They also designed, patented and manufactured the first control system allowing equipment to communicate directly to the cloud without the requirement of a local server.  In effect, the “Internet of Things” before the term was coined.  IoTA’s experience and knowledge of the controls and small business, coupled with their agility in product design and deployment has led to enviable innovations in the industry.

To learn more about IoTA Controls, or for potential investment opportunities, please contact at 52O.9O6.7l75  

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