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IoTA Forte™

IoTA Modules



The lowest-cost, highest density controller in its class. 50+ I/Os in a package about the size of your phone.

Specialized modules that extend the capabilities of the Forte™ Controller (e.g. relay, terminal, comm)

IoTA Controls can quickly & cost-effectively develop specialized solutions for OEM applications

Wired, wireless, mesh, PLC, server protocols...we have it or can quickly build it to your requirements

Contact us to discuss our best communications options for your application

IoTA Forte™

Imagine a controller so cost-effective it can replace basic equipment controls without significantly increasing manufacturing costs and can even generate new revenue streams. IoTA Forte™ controllers are fast, powerful, 32-bit, RISC-based, ultra-compact, universal automation controllers designed specifically for IoT applications where control, monitoring, remote diagnostics and data analytics are required or beneficial.


IoTA Forte™ controllers are small (about the size of your phone) and have unprecedented I/O density (50+), and the lowest cost per I/O of any controller in their class.  This makes them extremely cost-effective to add sensors to equipment that are beyond basic controls.  Consider the benefits enhanced remote diagnostics, system reliability, operational efficiency, improved customer service and loyalty that can come from adding a few low-cost sensors to your equipment (e.g. temperature, pressure, dp, level, reed switches, position, stress, etc.).  


Now imagine further monetizing these upgrades by generating new revenue streams by providing cloud-based technical support and monitoring capabilities. The system can automatically detect issues and dispatch qualified technicians directly while ensuring the right part is on truck before they get there. Controllers can work autonomously without the internet or in concert with each other in a peer-to-peer network, optimizing the interaction between all machines.


Contact us today to discuss how to best control your equipment to maximize reliability, capability and profitability.  Controller also features:

  • Color-coded, RJ45 connections for secure and simple installations or field swaps

  • Jumper Configurable Inputs (0-10v, 0-20mA, RTD, Potentiometer, Thermistor)  

  • 12 Digital Inputs with LED status indicators (10 can be used for pulse counting)

  • 16 Analog Inputs (0-10v, 0-20mA, RTD, Thermistor, Digital, Pulse)

  • 16 Digital Outputs with LED status indicators

  • 6 Analog Outputs (0-10v, 0-20mA, PWM)

  • 2 Serial UARTs for CAN, RS485 and RS232 Communication

  • Individual output status LEDs and user definable programmable RGB LEDs

  • 32 GB SD RAM

  • Numerous connectivity communications options (WiFi, serial, Ethernet, cellular, mesh networks, PLC)

IoTA Forte
IoTA Modules

IoTA Modules

IoTA Controls™ manufacturers a wide range of I/O and communications modules that expand the features of the system.  Some of these modules include:

  • IoTA Relay™

  • IoTA Terminal™

  • IoTA Solenoid™

  • IoTA DI Extender™

  • IoTA Ethernet™

  • IoTA WiFi™

  • IoTA Serial RS485™

  • IoTA Serial RS232™

  • IoTA Serial CAN™

  • Custom OEM solutions



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IoTA Controls can quickly develop cost-effective custom controls solutions for your OEM equipment and applications.  These solutions can range from custom modules that integrate with our IoTA Forte controllers to fully custom controls with unique onboard features and can still fully integrate with IoTA's suite of software solutions.  Best of all, we can help provide a comprehensive solution controls hardware from sensors to valves to HMI displays.  We work directly with your hardware or can help identify or source components critical to your operational success.



Whether you need wired, wireless, mesh, powerline carrier, server integration protocols or something proprietary, IoTA Controls™ can accommodate your requirements.  Contact us to consult on the technologies best suited for your equipment and industry.

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Contact us to discuss our best communications options for your application

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